Natixis Shareholders’ Meeting

More than 450 shareholders attended Natixis’ Shareholders’ Meeting.

François Pérol, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Natixis, and Laurent Mignon, CEO, welcomed the shareholders of Natixis on May 20 at CNIT de Paris-La Défense, for its annual shareholders’ meeting.


François Pérol and Laurent Mignon answered questions from the shareholders on the creation of the insurance platform, the strategic plan, Natixis’ specific advantages and the Coface IPO. 


The shareholders approved all the resolutions, including the 2013 financial statements, the payment of a €0.16 dividend per share and gave the save on pay for corporate officers and other regulated company staff.

François Pérol closed the meeting with an invitation for next year on May 19 at CNIT de Paris-La Défense.

>>> Video webcast of 2014 Shareholders’ Meeting (french only)