Durable Portfolio Construction®: helping investors to meet today’s challenges

Helping investors meet the challenges presented by complex modern markets is at the core of Natixis Global Asset Management's Durable Portfolio Construction initiative.

Identifying investor challenges

Investors find themselves at a crossroad in 2014 according to Natixis Global Asset Management's third annual Global Survey of Individual Investors.* Worldwide, individuals believe they will need to achieve annual investment returns of nine percent above inflation in order to meet their long-term objectives. Yet at the same time, nearly eight in ten say they are not willing to take on investment risk.

Results show this conservative mindset is further compounded by the fact that nearly 60% of investors report they do not have clearly stated goals, almost 70% say they have no plans and 80% say they are going on instinct alone.

Additional insights on the survey (insert video URL) does reveal that many are making a conscious choice to forgo market benchmarks in favor of more personal measures of investment success.

Focusing on more durable solutions

With its Durable Portfolio Construction Symposium Series, Natixis Global Asset Management has engaged investment distributors, independent financial advisors and institutional investors in a dialogue on how to best address the challenges presented by modern markets.

Recent events in Madrid, Paris, Rome, Milan, Geneva and Boston have each highlighted smarter, risk conscious portfolio solutions. As seen by the Madrid event the goal is clear: building portfolios that can weather short-term market movements to keep individuals invested for the long term.

Natixis Global Asset Management continues to provide new ideas and insights to clients through its durableportfolios.com website.


*Survey conducted by CoreData Research (March 2014). Survey included 5,950 investors with 200K+ in assets (USD) in 14 countries from Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East.