Why choosing Natixis?


Natixis is the corporate, investment and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, France’s second-largest banking player.

Working for Natixis means joining an international company that harnesses all of its expertise to design the best banking, financial and insurance solutions for its customers. 

It means choosing a company that supports its employees in the long-term, by offering them opportunities for development and promotion up to their maximum potential.  


Our unique vision of the customer relationship

At Natixis, we dedicate all our resources, talents and energy to supporting our clients across the world with a single goal: to promote their long-term interests.

If you join usit’s the opportunity to take part in concrete, innovative projects for the benefit of the real economy and to constantly develop in response to our customers' demands.


The diversity of our business lines

With our various and complementarity areas of expertise, we can offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

If you join usyou will get potential opportunities for development in many business lines: financing and capital markets; asset management; private banking; insurance; financial services (consumer loans, employee benefits planning, payment solutions, etc.) as well as risk management, IT, finance, compliance, HR, etc.


The quality of our support

At Natixis, we enhance employees’ professional knowledge and we foster team spirit and a sense of client service.

If you join us, it means joining a company which is involved in its employees’ development and which will provide you with the means to meet your career goals whether you are experienced or a young new recruit.


Our commitments

At Natixis, we take into account social and environmental issues in our daily actions. We offer our clients investment and financing solutions that promote the energy transition. We also endeavor to reduce our direct impact on the environment, to be part of social progress and to outreach to civil society.

If you join us, it means the guarantee of joining a responsible company whose long-term commitment is also reflected in the daily actions of its employees and the bank in the fields of solidarity, diversity, disability, volunteering, etc.


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