Role and rules of the Risk Committee

The Risk Committee will be chaired by one of the Board of Directors’ independent members.

The duties of Natixis' Risk Committee are as follows:

- it gives an opinion on the choice or renewal of Natixis' statutory auditors and examines the scope of their work, the results of their investigations and their recommendations, as well as any actions taken on the basis of these recommendations;

- it gives an opinion on the procedures implemented by Natixis to ensure compliance with regulations, as well as the monitoring and control of risks; to this effect, it receives reports from the risk committees of the company and its main subsidiaries, as well as reporting on risks, notably operational, market or counterparty risks, carried out under the diligence of the company's Chief Executive Officer;

- it gives an opinion on the appointment and dismissal of the head of Internal Audit;

- it monitors the implementation of actions based on the conclusions of assignments by the Internal Audit department and France's Prudential Control Authority; for this purpose, it may receive reports from the Internal Audit department and the Prudential Control Authority concerning Natixis and its subsidiaries;

- it looks at Natixis' annual internal auditing schedule, including audits at subsidiaries, which should be presented to the Committee at least one week before approval.

The Risk Committee meets at least once a quarter.

Minutes of the Risk Committee meetings are distributed to the committee members and to the company's directors.