Natixis surveys individual investors

According to Natixis Global Asset Management’s global survey carried out in early 2015, retirement is a top priority for investors worldwide.

Natixis Global Asset Management has conducted a survey of a panel of 7,000 investors across 17 countries in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. These individual investors with net investable assets of at least €183,000 were polled via an online questionnaire between January and February 2015. This global survey provides interesting insights into the mindset of investors.

Investors focus on more specific objectives and the investment strategy

Globally, individuals are optimistic about their investment prospects in 2015. 

In a context where the US market has shown uninterrupted upward trend for six years, which resulted in a 13.7% return for the S & P 500® in 2014, and all markets in Spain, Japan, and Singapore recorded annual returns above 8%, 73% of 7,000 respondents said they expect as good, if not better, results for their investments in the year ahead.

But this search for performance is now closely related to retirement, which becomes a concern for investors regardless of their country of origin.

The share of investors who said that they are conflicted between the search for performance and protecting capital increased from 67% in 20131 to 73% in 2015, and the proportion of individuals who said they would seek safety rather than performance amounted to 84%, up 6 points from 20142.

Investors appear to be lacking basic tools that could help them resolve these conflicted feelings. Two-thirds of respondents said that they take ever-increasing responsibility to fund their retirement.

In addition, French individual investors need new approaches to investing and more financial advice.


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