Natixis committed for the sustainable development week

For the tenth consecutive year, Natixis is taking part in the sustainable development week and is organizing various actions to mobilize employees.

In 2015, the European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW) focuses on the issues of the energy transition and climate change. 

A week of action to mobilize employees

For the European sustainable development week, which is being held from May 30 to June 5, 2015, Natixis is organizing several actions to mobilize its staff:

  • a conference on the COP21* summit to address the issues of the energy transition and climate change; 
  • a clothing drive for Secours Populaire to raise awareness of waste recycling among employees ; vegetable picking in the garden of an organic farm and a reintegration project;
  • an online game to enable employees to assess their knowledge and involvement in issues of sustainable development.

A CSR commitment in the long term 

This dedicated week provides us the opportunity to present the commitments and achievements of Natixis in terms of corporate social and environmental terms.

CSR at the heart of our business lines

A few months before COP21*, the conference on climate change in Paris, Natixis supports the global mobilization in favor of the energy transition.
Natixis is a major player in renewable energy financing and supports the development of green bonds.
Since 2008, Natixis has been a signer to the Principles for Responsible Investing and signed up to the Equator Principles in 2010.

CSR in our operations
Natixis implements a number of actions across the globe to limit the impact of its operations on the environment. In particular, we reduce our direct impact on the environment, we select suppliers and products or services that are environmentally and/or socially friendly, and have adopted an active approach to managing diversity.

Finally, we support our employees’ commitment through various solidarity actions.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR): what is it?

CSR is a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental considerations in their operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders.

CSR thus leads us to adapt our operations and offers many development opportunities in our businesses.
CSR aims to reconcile:

  • economic development
  • environmental protection
  • and social equity


*COP21 : twenty-first Conference of Parties to the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change of 2015 (COP21/CMP11), also called “Paris 2015”.The COP 21 will be held from November 30 to December 11, 2015.