Emerise: Natixis Asset Management’s division dedicated to emerging markets

Emerise, emerging markets investors: new Singapore-based expertise dedicated to emerging markets

Emerise manages a range of emerging markets equity funds to offer investment solutions combining long-term growth and portfolio diversification.

"To meet investors" long-term expectations, we are convinced we have to bring back the original essence of emerging markets: growth and diversification" explains Stéphane Mauppin-Higashino, Head of Emerise.


As a stock picker, Emerise selects growth stock combining three key fundamentals: stable earnings growth, solid economic fundamentals and clear competitive edge with high value-added. On-the-ground research and in-depth knowledge of companies' management teams form the core of its investment philosophy.

The Emerise fund range has four areas of equity expertise:

  • Global Emerging
  • Asia
  • Emerging Europe
  • Latin America


More info: www.emerise-am.com