Jazz in the spotlight this summer with Natixis

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Natixis Global Asset Management sponsors a series of popular jazz events with two well-respected organizations – the Newport Jazz Festival and the Berklee College of Music, which annually hosts its Summer in the City series and BeanTown Jazz Festival.

A meaningful commitment

Natixis Global Asset Management has been sponsoring jazz for the past fews years. It launched the Jazz Ambassador Project as a force that brings people together, connects cultures, unites communities and enhances the lives of individuals around the world.

John Hailer, President and CEO The Americas and Asia of Natixis Global Asset Management: "As a global asset management firm, we do business around the world with a wide array of clients within many different cultures. Jazz is a celebration of innovation, diversity, and a commitment to collaborating as an ensemble. There's a lot we can learn from jazz".


Newport Jazz Festival: Promoting young talents

Founded in 1954, the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island is one of the oldest and most prestigious jazz festivals in the United States. It promotes young talents at an international level. This year, the event will take place July 31 to August 2. As part of this event's sponsorship, Natixis Global Asset Management will offer a scholarship to two young musicians and help some one hundred children take part in the festival.

Berklee Summer in the City

The Berklee Summer in the City program is organized by the Berklee College of Music and sponsored by Natixis Global Asset Management for the fifth consecutive year. Close to 300 pop, rock, jazz and latino concerts are held in neighborhoods throughout Metro Boston and beyond and feature most promising young artists. These free public concerts take place all summer between May and September and the series will culminate on September 26 with the BeanTown Jazz Festival, Boston's biggest block party.