Natixis reaffirms its commitment to the fight against cancer for Pink October

Natixis has been supporting the Gustave Roussy Foundation since 2011. Concurrently, Natixis’ employees are strongly mobilized and participate in the Odysséa race or in in-house events dedicated to the fight against cancer.

Natixis, sponsor of the Gustave Roussy Foundation

Natixis is supporting the Gustave Roussy Foundation in its research program dedicated to the personalized treatment of cancer.
As part of the sponsorship initiated in 2011, Natixis is supporting more specifically three of the Institute’s research teams. Their work focuses on the following:

  •  “Cell death and senescence*” led by Jean-Luc Perfettini,
  •  “Epithelial morphogenesis and colon cancer” led by Fanny Jaulin
  •  “Melanoma and tumor invasion” led by Mehdi Khaled.


The partnership between Natixis and Gustave Roussy will help better understand how cancer forms and how it spreads. The results of of this work are very helpful in speeding up the development of molecular medicine.

* The process of physiological ageing (in this specific case: cell ageing) 

Gustave Roussy is the first anti-cancer center in Europe and is positioned among the 10 world leaders in personalized medicine.
The Institute’s specificity is based on its therapeutic innovation, the development of personalized medicine, the quality and safety of care, always placing the patient at the heart of its assignments.


Natixis’ employees involved in the Odysséa race

Natixis’ commitment is also shared by its employees, who for several years have been taking part in the Odysséa charity race (link to Odysséa news). The fees to enter the race are passed on to Gustave Roussy to help fund breast cancer research.
For the 2014 edition of Odysséa, Natixis was the company with the second-highest number of employees entered in the race.

This year again, on October 4, many employees took part in the race to support the cause.


Natixis mobilizes its staff against cancer

For Pink October, Natixis organizes a dedicated event and offers its employees to get informed and act for cancer prevention during their lunchtime.
Several fun workshops will be organized to help collect donations for the three Gustave-Roussy research teams supported by Natixis.
During the event, employees will have the opportunity to attend a conference, to watch videos on the theme of cancer or to discover the trick of a neo-magician who will lay to rest some misconceptions about cancer using both magic and high technology.

Like last year, many employees will join and support Natixis’ action against cancer.