Natixis takes action for handicapped people to be part of the workforce

As part of the 19th Handicapped Employment Week event, Natixis is organizing a host of events to increase employee awareness about handicaps.

The initiative is one of the actions undertaken by Natixis over the past several years to help handicapped people enter the workforce and preserve the jobs of disabled employees.

“HANd IN HANd FOR SPORT!” is a 4-week awareness campaign across different Natixis sites

Sport is the theme for this year’s Handicapped Employment Week. The 2015 programme, HANd IN HANd FOR SPORT!, includes four weeks of activities and conferences for Natixis employees.

On the agenda are:

  • Meetings with disabled sporting champions:
    • Ryadh Sallem, champion swimmer and champion wheelchair basketball and rugby player, chairman of the Olympic and Sports Committee for the Greater Paris region, and business leader.
    • Cyril Moré, five-time gold medallist at the Paralympic Games
  • An introduction to the following sports organized by handicapped sports men and women:
    • Fencing
    • Rugby
    • Ping pong, and more
  • For food lovers there will be an ephemeral grocery store and a sign-language café, plus a workshop where employees can savour a cold or hot drink after learning a few vital sign language signs to help them place their order.

Lasting commitment

In 2011, Natixis signed a three-year agreement to recruit people with handicaps and maintain their place in the workforce. The agreement was extended at the end of 2013 to cover 2014-2016.

The aim of the accord is to:

  • preserve jobs for handicapped employees by ensuring that their jobs and work conditions are suited to their situation, arranging professional training and assisting them with technological change.
  • develop a hiring strategy and improve conditions when employees begin working,
  • seek to extend the Bank’s partnership with the adapted and protected jobs sector.

In 2011, Natixis pledged to double the overall percentage of handicapped employees in the Bank within three years and took it to 2.8% of the headcount at end-2013. Thanks to these initiatives, Natixis has more than doubled the percentage of direct job hires and has arranged jobs with the protected work environment, including on bids for tender.

Main objectives for 2016

At the end of 2013, Natixis signed a new agreement for the 2014-2016 period to recruit people with handicaps and maintain their place in the workforce. The purpose of the agreement is to:
secure a total handicapped employment rate of 3.3% compared with 1.1% in 2011
recruit disabled workers during the next 3 years for permanent employment as well as work-study contracts 
maintain its partnership with tertiary education groups by financing training courses or improving conditions for handicapped students
extend its partnership with companies working in the adapted and protected jobs sector by 30%.
This agreement underscores Natixis’ resolve to make a strategic commitment to handicapped employment. The move is part of Natixis' diversity policy which aims to base its development on varied profiles, experience and skills.