Natixis’ figure of the day: +60%


Natixis financed more than 60% of renewable energies-based energy production

Natixis has been financing renewable energy projects of all sizes and using all technologies (solar, wind, hydroelectricity and biomass) around the world since the mid-1990s.


Natixis supports the development of renewable energies across the entire range of technologies (on- and offshore windfarms, solar PV and thermal energy, hydropower and biomass) around the world,  with the support of the Global Infrastructure and Projects (GIP) team in the Corporate and Investment Banking division, and also with its subsidiaries Natixis Energeco and Mirova:

  • Natixis Energeco specializes in financing renewable energy projects

Natixis Energeco has been active in sustainable development since the mid-1990s and has developed a solid experience in project finance. Natixis Energeco has recognized expertise and know-how in the production of renewable energies in all mature technologies: wind, solar photovoltaic, hydraulic, wood biomass, etc.

  • Mirova, the Responsible Investment division of Natixis Asset Management

Mirova develops a new global approach to responsible investments and creative long-term value-creating solutions. This approach has three aspects: connection between finance and real economy by investing in innovative business models, creation of value by identifying sustainable assets that deliver long-term performance, and finally, responsibility and commitment by being actively involved in the improvement of company, sector and finance practices.