Natixis' figure of the day: 12 GW

12 GW

The production in renewable energy financed by Natixis in the world is 12 GW, the equivalent of the energy consumption of 6 million people


The “Sofergie” portfolio of project finance and leasing activities arranged by Natixis represented nearly 12 GW at end-2014, which can be broken down as follows:


Natixis Geographic breakdown of the renewabl energy portfolio end-2014


Natixis Technological breakdown of the renewable energy portfolio end-2014


  • Natixis Energeco specializes in financing renewable energy projects

Natixis Energeco has been active in sustainable development since the mid-1990s and has developed a solid experience in project finance.

Natixis Energeco has recognized expertise and know-how in the production of renewable energies in all mature technologies: wind, solar photovoltaic, hydraulic, wood biomass, etc.