Natixis’ figure of the day: €200M

€200 M

In the asset management sphere, in 2014, Mirova, Natixis' asset management group and affiliate of Natixis Asset Management dedicated to SRI, launched the EUROFIDEME 3 fund with a €200 million target volume.


Eurofideme is the third specialist fund of Mirova assisting European institutional groups to invest in project companies with renewable energy assets, mainly in the wind
and photovoltaic space. The fund aims to raise 200 million euros and generate a net TRI of 9 to 10% (1). It rounds off the Fideme (2002) and Eurofideme 2 (2008) funds which are fully invested.

The investment strategy is based on developing long-term partnerships with industrial companies by co-investing and providing support during the construction and operational stages. Once the infrastructure projects have been running for several years, the fund will exit the projects and sell them on to industrial or financial players.

 (1) the target TRI is neither guaranteed, nor a contractual commitment

Mirova, the Responsible Investment division of Natixis Asset Management

Mirova develops a new global approach to responsible investments and creative long-term value-creating solutions. This approach has three aspects: connection between finance and real economy by investing in innovative business models, creation of value by identifying sustainable assets that deliver long-term performance, and finally, responsibility and commitment by being actively involved in the improvement of company, sector and finance practices.