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Natixis, Triple Winner of the 2015 Le Revenu's Shareholder Relations Prizes

Shareholder Relations is triple award winner

At the awards for Best Shareholder Relations during a ceremony organized by Le Revenu magazine, Natixis won three awards in the SBF120 Companies category (excluding CAC40).

- Natixis won Gold for the annual shareholders’ meeting, ahead of Eurotunnel (Silver) and Suez (Bronze) in the SBF120 Companies category (excluding CAC40),

This is the first time that Natixis is recognized for its annual shareholders’ meeting. This award pays tribute to the quality of the cross-company work done during 5 months by Individual Shareholder Relations in coordination with Purchasing, Governance and Labor Relations, Legal, and Communications and CSR.

- Silver for Services to Shareholders, behind Suez (Gold) and ahead of CNP Assurance (Bronze).

- Bronze for Shareholder Relations, behind Eurotunnel (Gold) and Suez (Gold). The award is based on three themes: shareholders’ meetings, shareholder services and digital communications.

These rewards pay tribute to the efforts made on a daily basis by the Shareholder Relations team to serve individual shareholders.


Information on Natixis' individual shareholder relations 

The Natixis individual shareholder relations and communication platform has three main access points.

•        A toll-free number (from a landline in France: 0800 41 41 41) available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except on public holidays). This number provides access to an interactive voice response system that gives round-the-clock access to the share price.

•        A dedicated e-mail address (, managed directly by the Individual Shareholder Relations team, enables individual shareholders to send questions to the Company.

•        The website (

–       includes company information;

–       provides a comprehensive archive of the company's press releases, calendar and financial news in the "Investor Relations" section;

–       includes all editorial content and documents for shareholders and, in particular, all issues of the Shareholder Annual Newsletter in the “Individual Shareholder Corner”.

The following two bodies also coordinate relations with individual investors:

The Shareholder Club

•        It was created in 2007 and has 12,730 members.

Among them, more of 2,300 are “e.members”, i.e. members who have chosen to use exclusively the Internet to receive information.

Shareholders’ Club members are regularly updated on Natixis news. They receive:

–       monthly newsletters focusing on Club highlights and company financial news,

–       an interactive multimedia version of the Shareholder Annual Newsletter,

–       periodical invitations to events relating to our sponsorship policy, which are sent by e-mail.

Members can access a dedicated website ( containing information about the Club and its Program of activities (interactive Shareholder Annual Newsletters, video conferences, chats, economic videos, events related to sponsorship policy, etc.).

Shareholder Club members take part in events included in the Program of Activities.

Subscription to Natixis Shareholder Club is free of charge. The Club is open to any shareholder who wishes to become a member and takes the voluntary approach to subscribe.

Subscription is automatic for any shareholder who holds at least one (1) registered or bearer share. For safety reasons, the online subscription both enables our shareholders to sign the sworn statement on an electronic basis and controls the duplicate or triplicate subscribing risk.

The subscribe module is available on the «» website with a click on « Je souhaite m’inscrire  » (I wish to subscribe).

Natixis Shareholder Consultative Committee (CCAN)

Created in 2008, the committee is in charge of all aspects of financial communication for individual investors, and in particular the main gathering between directors and shareholders such as the Shareholders’ general meeting and the Actionaria Investor Forum.

 •        The CCAN is an advisory body and sounding board composed of 12 members who represent Natixis’ individual shareholders. These members are themselves individual shareholders chosen through an application process that includes an interview. A third of its members are renewed each year, following a call for applications sent via the usual communications media used to inform shareholders.

For more information: >>> Investor Relations >>> Shareholder Corner


Information on the Trophées des Meilleures Relations Actionnaires awards for 2015

The purpose of the Best Shareholder Relations awards is to reward the companies which make the best efforts to improve their financial communication with the general public and which create closer ties between management and individual shareholders. Twenty-four Best shareholder relations prizes were awarded to CAC 40 and SBF 120 (non-CAC 40) companies. The awards ceremony was held in Palais Brongniart on Wednesday, December 9, 2015.

The editorial team of business magazine Le Revenu reviewed the various shareholder services by relying on assessments of SBF 120 companies in this year’s three special features devoted to shareholder services:

1)          Shareholder Meetings Survey on SBF 120 companies published in Le Revenu Hebdo magazine on July 17, 2015 (second edition).

Grades were awarded by Le Revenu journalists and readers, shareholders of companies concerned and volunteers taking part in the poll.

 A single score sheet included 39 questions, grades and appraisal points in order to judge the quality of shareholder meetings.

 Three different stages were taken into consideration. Before the shareholder meeting: evaluation criteria dealt with the quality of the welcome given to shareholders and the information provided to them before the event

 During the shareholder meeting: evaluation criteria dealt with the content of presentations and the completeness of information provided to shareholders during the event, concentrating on both corporate management and governance. Particular attention was paid to two themes in this part of the assessment, namely say on pay and the Florange law. For the second time this year, the issue of management remuneration was put to shareholders for their say.  The Florange law, which allows double voting rights and made headlines this year, was the second area of focus.

 The question-and-answer session was evaluated from both the substance and form perspectives. Non-shareholder meeting matters: evaluation criteria dealt with post-meeting communications that were mainly internet-related.

 2)          Shareholder services survey on SBF 120 companies published in Le Revenu Hebdo magazine on March 6, 2015 (fifth edition).

 Le Revenu journalists awarded grades by answering grid questions which queried the existence of a telephone service for shareholders, whether or not there was a relatively well run shareholders’ club, the existence of a shareholders’ advisory committee and whether it was promoted by the company, whether there was a shareholders’ letter and how often it was published, etc.

 The following matters were taken into account: the existence of shareholder-related meetings and their frequency, increases in dividend payments, the quality of company websites as they relate to shareholders, their pedagogical content and the quality of information posted on them.

 The grade also included an assessment of the effort made by companies to communicate with individual shareholders and covered areas such as financial advice, shareholder-related meetings and annual shareholder meetings.  Journalists judged all types of messages used to communicate with shareholders and their frequency.

3)          Website (digital communication) survey on SBF 120 companies published in Le Revenu Hebdo magazine on October 9, 2015 (fifth edition).

 The grade awarded to each website took into account access to crucial information using a maximum of two clicks, i.e. the shareholder meeting’s agenda, capital structure, key financial data, dividend payments, reference documentation and press releases.

The survey also checked whether or not the website’s search engine was working by entering either the word “dividend” or “capital”.

The grade also took into account the extensiveness and layout of information, e.g. the board of directors and the executive committee, stock price information, a video of the shareholder meeting, information on corporate debt, analysts' consensus estimates and corporate history. The website’s ergonomics were also appraised, e.g. the pull-down menu, the shareholder and investor tab, as well as content adaptability to the screen size, i.e. responsive web design for PCs and tablets.

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