Natixis delivers scalable and lasting solutions for every type of company

Are you setting up your company? Do you want to concentrate on growing your business in France or abroad with full peace of mind? Do you need liquidity on an occasional or regular basis?

Factoring delivers appropriate solutions for your short-term financing needs

Now more than ever, optimizing and making your cash secure are key strategic concerns. Factoring is a highly regarded and industry-recognized way to finance and secure your client receivables.


Did you know?

Factoring is the second-largest source of short-term financing for companies in France ahead of discounted bills and Dailly financing.
x3: the number of businesses using factoring has tripled in the space of 15 years.
36.5% of French companies pay all their invoices on time, compared with 41% in Europe
On average, client receivables represent 40% of a company's total assets.
25% of bankruptcy filings by companies are the result of one or several clients not paying their bills.
Overdue payments by French businesses average out to 13.6 days


Our business: financing, managing and securing your trade receivables

For more than 30 years, Natixis Factor has built industry-renowned experience in financing and in managing trade receivables and payables. Natixis Factor furnishes scalable short-term financing solutions to suit all types of companies and every stage of their development.

Natixis Factor caters to clients of Groupe BPCE retail banks. Groupe BPCE is France's second-largest banking player and operates under the Banque Populaire Factorem and Caisse d'Epargne FACTUREA brands. It also delivers receivables management products and services to Natixis and its brokers.

>> help your business through every stage of its development

Natixis Factor's factoring services cater to business professionals working on a B-to-B basis in all kinds of business entities, from small to large accounts. Natixis Factor helps businesses to grow from the creation stage until the time of their potential transmission.


Natixis Factor cycle d'intervention 400 va


>> helping the international dimension of your business

From managing export receivables...
Natixis Factor teams are proficient in local regulations and laws, and possess the necessary language skills, information and guarantees on international clients. We leverage our expertise to enable you to benefit from immediate and unlimited access to the cash owed on your export invoices.

... to our Worldpass service
Our Worldpass factoring contracts provide companies and their European subsidiaries with a global financing solution for their international transactions.
We give you the extra edge to grow your activity with full peace of mind.


 >> Reverse factoring or supply chain financing

Reverse factoring involves three parties: the client, the supplier and the factoring company. With reverse factoring, the client starts the process, giving the supplier the advantage of being paid early.

Client benefits:

  • Secure alternative sources of cash and optimize liquidity
  • Promote and foster lasting supply chain relationships
  • Secure and optimize the supply payment process

Supplier benefits:

  • Obtain short-term financing on preferential terms
  • Achieve optimum working capital requirement efficiency
  • Improve visibility on cash flows


Redesigned organisation for greater efficiency

We have a business model that demands excellence vis-à-vis our three banking networks, i.e. Banque Populaire, Caisse d'Épargne and Natixis. We need to show the same level of efficiency when dealing with the professional who has just started up his or her business as for the CFO of a CAC 40 company operating in 80 countries.

In order to enhance locally oriented ties with the networks and their clients, Natixis Factor has also made its organisation a regionally based one. Sales teams are present throughout mainland France and in the overseas departments. The initiative has strengthened our commitment to improve an already high level of service, which is Natixis Factor's hallmark and is proven every year by excellent customer satisfaction rates.


Natixis Factor at a glance

+500 employees
factoring contracts
in factored receivables for 2014
market share (national and international)
The international market represents 28% of Natixis Factor's global revenues
client satisfaction rate (2014 Audirep survey) website

Would you like greater peace of mind?

By using an off-beat promotional film that breaks with the profession's traditional codes, Natixis Factor shows you how to secure guaranteed peace of mind and optimize your cash.

Everything Internet users ever wanted to know about factoring but were afraid to ask...

Natixis Factor is introducing a website dedicated to factoring news. It explains the ins and outs of factoring and answers FAQs in a simple and practical way, such as What is factoring? Who is it for? Why is it used? How much does it cost? and makes the subject matter clear to everyone.

The website has also been crafted in responsive web design to make it compatible with smartphones, tablets, etc.

You, too, can find out more by taking a look at the website