Natixis takes part in European Sustainable Development Week 2016

For the eleventh consecutive year, Natixis is taking part in European Sustainable Development Week. The event is being organized by the French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea and will run from May 30 until June 5, 2016. The annual initiative seeks to foster awareness about environmental challenges, promote sustainable development principles and showcase real solutions and responsible actions.

A week for raising teams’ awareness and getting them involved in sustainable development

Natixis is organizing an awareness campaign among employees to get them involved in European Sustainable Development Week via the following initiatives:

  • a screening of the film Demain (“Tomorrow”), directed by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent and winner of the César 2016 award for Best Documentary Film, to illustrate the solutions tested across the globe to tackle environmental challenges,
  • a conference to present how Natixis integrates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on a daily basis to develop its activity,
  • recreational and educational stands on energy management and waste sorting presented by Engie Cofely and Paprec,
  • an on-line quiz to test employees’ knowledge about Natixis’ sustainable development initiatives.


Lasting CSR commitment

CSR at the core of our businesses

We are engaged in assisting the global drive towards energy transition.

Natixis is a core market participant in the renewable energies domain and supports the development of green bonds.

The company has been a signatory of the United Nations’ Principles of Responsible Investment since 2008 and has adopted the Equator Principles since 2010 to identify, assess and manage the social and environmental risks of large-scale projects.

Policies have been implemented to exclude carbon-industry financing.  Natixis decided to stop financing coal-fired power stations and thermal coal mines, and will no longer provide corporate finance to companies whose activity is more than 50%-reliant on the coal industry.

CSR in our operations

Natixis has rolled out a raft of initiatives all over the world to limit its direct impact on the environment.

At the end of 2015, Natixis signed the Paris Action Climat Charter to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in its Île-de-France buildings by 20% out to 2020.

In order to reduce our direct impact on the environment, we select suppliers and products and services that deliver environmental and/or social guarantees. We also have an active diversity management plan.

Lastly, we support our employees’ commitment through various community-minded projects.


What does CSR involve?

CSR is a concept whereby companies integrate environmental and social challenges into their activities and interactions with stakeholders. It seeks to reconcile economic development, environmental protection and social equity.

CSR offers a myriad of development opportunities in our business lines and has led us to adapt the way we operate. As an industry-renowned provider of energy transition financing, Natixis also acts responsibly in managing the direct impact of its activities.