Natixis research receives recognition for excellence

Natixis is regularly awarded for its research expertise and has just received recognition once again for the excellence of its research. These latest rankings reflect the quality of Natixis’ research analysis which our clients factor into their investment decisions.

Natixis: reputed for its research

Natixis has for the first time been named Commodities Research House of the Year in the Energy Risk Awards rankings (1).
The Credit Research team, meanwhile, is among the TOP 5 for the 5th year running in most categories, according to the Euromoney (2) rankings, and was named Best Credit Research in the covered bonds, supranational & agencies and utilities categories.
Lastly, the Equity Research team ranks 2nd in France with 9 awards in the Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards (3) rankings.

All these awards reflect the expertise of Natixis’ research teams and their commitment to their clients.


Natixis research, a client-centric cross-expertise approach

Natixis’ capital market activities include some 80 analysts, economists and strategists located in the world’s leading  financial market places, dedicated professionals who care about your needs in each asset class : credit, equities, economics, multi-asset strategies and SRI(4).

  • A cross-approach to research

A global vision of experts working in synergy on topical issues.  The combination of their skills in the credit, equity and economic fields offers our clients an overview of the markets, enabling them to make arbitrage and investment choices.

  • Distinctive and high value-added research

Our reports adopt a top-down approach. Starting with a broad analysis, our experts fine-tune the most relevant points in credit, equity, macroeconomic research, in addition to rates, forex, commodity markets and investment strategies.


(1) ‘Commodities Research House of the Year’ in the Energy Risk Awards 2016
(2) Euromoney Fixed Income Research Survey 2016
(3) Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards 2016 – Food & Beverages, Insurance, Retail & Consumer Products, Construction, Energy & Chemicals, Utilities.
(4) Socially Responsible Investment