Portfolio Clarity

Standing up across market cycles

Complex and volatile markets can challenge investment professionals as they look to build more resilient client portfolios.
With Portfolio Clarity, Natixis Global Asset Management applies objective rigorous, risk-based analysis to help investment professionals build evidence-based portfolios that can better stand up across market cycles. Delivered through teams of Certified Financial Analysts in London and Boston, the service provides a sophisticated look at portfolio risk. The scale of this unique service also allows Natixis to gain a broad view of portfolio trends across the globe. Most recently, its Portfolio Barometer Report identified that the portfolios of French advisors bested those of other advisors around the world, delivering an average return of 7.6% in 2015.

“The report gave us the ability to gain access to sophisticated research, sophisticated analytics of our portfolios that we would have to spend an awful lot of money to buy. The report gave us the due diligence that is hugely reassuring to a firm such as ours.”
Steve McGregor, Senior Investment Manager
Price Bailey Chartered Accountants – London


Abstract from Target 2016, Natixis corporate document