Transforming by leveraging the digital revolution

The digital revolution is often compared to the industrial revolution for the extent of its impact on clients’ day-to-day lives and expectations. Besides, new players are entering parts of value chains such as credit or payments, for example, under the impetus of regulatory changes designed to facilitate access to these markets.

The digital transformation is of strategic, commercial and operational importance and provides an outstanding opportunity to reinvent and deepen our relations with clients. Groupe BPCE has set itself the objective of building a bank that leads the way in human and digital relations by end-2017. Natixis is an integral part of this objective and is currently working in three prime areas with this end in mind:

  • “useful” innovation geared to offering clients a simple experience consistent with the highest market standards;
  • “disruptive” innovation aimed at designing tomorrow’s business models with support from innovative partnerships in the digital ecosystem, like Web School Factory and Cap Digital;
  • “digital adventure”, an approach that seeks to ingrain digital reflexes into the way we work and operate, and to develop the digital skills and experience of our staff including at the highest level.

“ Digital technology is changing the way in which our clients behave, both fast and extensively. We need to take a fresh look at our beliefs in the area, reinvent our sales experiences and redesign our solutions and organization so as to further accelerate the Group’s transformation in 2016.” - François Pérol, Chairman of the Groupe BPCE Management Board and Chairman of Natixis’ Board of Directors


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Abstract from Target 2016, Natixis corporate document