A look back at 5 years of mobilization with Gustave Roussy

© Gustave Roussy

Since end-2011, Natixis has been supporting the Gustave Roussy Foundation in its research program on personalized cancer treatments. Three research teams have benefited from Natixis’ financial support to carry out their work on molecular medicine.

The story of a successful mobilization

At the end of 2011, aware of the extent of the means necessary to advance cancer research, Natixis decided to support the Gustave Roussy Foundation. And so began the adventure.
Natixis, willing to be concretely committed, is providing support to three research teams so as to enable them to carry out their research. The partnership is in line with the research program in personalized medicine called  “Révolution Cancer”.

Fanny Jaulin, Jean-Luc Perfettini and Medhi Khaled – the heads of the three teams supported by Natixis  -  talk about the work they carried out over these last few years.
View the video on the results of their work (availble in French only)


Three Natixis research teams

Team researching “Cell death and senescence” headed by Jean-Luc Perfettini
Work dedicated to a novel form of cell death called entosis (elimination of a cell by a live cell)

Expected results: to improve radiotherapy treatments 

Team researching “Epithelial morphogenesis and colon cancer” headed by Fanny Faulin
Work on the mechanisms of formation and proliferation of metastases of colon cancer

Expected results: to prevent the spread of the disease to other organs 

Team researching “Melanoma and tumor invasion” headed by Mehdi Khaled
Work on the mechanism of metastatic development in melanoma

Expected results : to improve existing therapies and find efficient treatments for this type of cancer



Long-term support

Natixis has decided to extend its commitment to the Gustave Roussy Foundation for a further three years and will disclose more information very soon.