The shield of Brennus at Natixis

Last Friday, at Camp Nou in Barcelona, the Racing 92 won the France rugby championship for the sixth time by winning against Toulon 29/21. The team wished to celebrate their great victory at Natixis and to present the shield of Brennus.

The players arrived at Natixis Headquarters in Paris (France) in a double-decker bus at noon. They were cheered on by employees waving Natixis and Racing 92 flags.


Laurent Mignon, Natixis CEO, warmly congratulated the team for their magnificent victory highlighting the values of rugby which have been those of Natixis for a long time.

Jacky Lorenzetti, president of the Racing 92, mentioned how important the partnership with Natixis has been during those eight years when the club was only a start-up. "We wish to share this victory with our partners and supporters whose enthusiasm and support has never failed."

Next season, we hope to become champions of the Europe cup for the first time.

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