Jazz in the spotlight this summer with Natixis

Natixis Global Asset Management sponsors a series of popular jazz events, working with two world class organizations – the Newport Jazz Festival and the London-based National Youth Jazz Orchestra

A meaningful commitment

Natixis Global Asset Management has been sponsoring jazz for the past few years. It launched the Jazz Ambassador Project as a force that brings people together, connects cultures, unites communities and enhances the lives of individuals around the world.


Newport Jazz Festival : one of the world's oldest festivals enjoys promoting young talent

Founded in 1954, the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island is one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in the world. It promotes young talents at an international level. This year, the event took place from July 29 to July 31. As part of this event's sponsorship, Natixis Global Asset Management offered a scholarship to two young musicians and helped some one hundred children take part in the festival.


New Port Festival Jazz © Natixis Global Asset Management
2016 New Port Festival Jazz © Natixis Global Asset Management

National Youth Jazz Orchestra: celebrating 50 years of service

Now 50 years old, the orchestra is Britain's longest-running organization for young people up to the age of 25 playing big-band jazz. The program is designed to engage young people of all backgrounds and get them excited about music. Through the program, young musicians have opportunities to perform both nationally and internationally, promoting jazz to the widest possible audience they can, while at the same time getting a jump start to the beginning of their own musical careers.


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