The AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire managed by Natixis Asset Management exceeds the €900m mark in assets under management

A theme-based fund of Natixis Asset Management invested in listed companies involved in the food-processing and consumer sectors, AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire (1) confirms its success by reaching the €900m mark in assets under management.

Created over thirty years ago, the fund delivers on all its promises with an annualized performance rate of 9.4% (2) since June 1985.

As it is invested in sectors that are essential to our daily lives (food, retail, home products, etc.), AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire is less sensitive to ups and downs in the global economy in times of market volatility. Its defensive nature smooths out both upward and downward stock market movements.
The mutual fund benefits from the stock-picking (3) experience of the manager, who has been heading the fund for more than 20 years.

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- Watch the video about AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire (in French only)
- Read the product sheet (in French only)


(1) The characteristics, the risk and reward profile and the charges relating to these investments are shown in the KIID of the fund, which is available from the management company. Invested capital and performance are not guaranteed. The recommended minimum investment period is 5 years. AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire lets investors benefit from the performance potential of financial markets in compensation for a certain level of risk (including the risk of capital loss). The "Key investor information" document must be provided and should be read prior to any subscription. AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire is a mutual fund approved by AMF (the French Financial Markets Authority) and managed by Natixis Asset Management – registration no. RCS Paris 329450738 – 21 Quai d'Austerlitz, 75013 Paris – Approval no. GP 90009 – Société anonyme with a share capital of €50,434,604.76.

(2) From June 6, 1985 to June 30, 2016, excluding costs related to the investment framework. Source Natixis Asset Management. Figures mentioned refer to past years. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Performance shown is net of management fees and corresponds to the part RC. Performance prior to 2004 is that of SICAV Actions Agro-Alimentaire, created in 1985, which was absorbed by FCP AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire.

(3) A strategy that consists in trying to identify on the market those shares that will best perform. Stock picking is based on a strategic and financial analysis of companies.