Natixis sponsors Gustave Roussy's Pink October action

Natixis is partnering Gustave Roussy's digital campaign launched for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Pink October. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage civil society to enter the fight against breast cancer by learning about and supporting three innovative research programs on the destruction of breast cancer cells.

Natixis, partner of Gustave Roussy for breast cancer awareness

Every year, during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or Pink October, Gustave Roussy launches several actions to create awareness with, inform and get the public involved in the fight against this disease.

Natixis is partnering Gustave Roussy's digital campaign that will run during the whole month.

To join the fight, learn about the institute's research strategies, go to on October 1. You can choose between three weapons against breast cancer – immunotherapy, precision medicine or robotic surgery. The money collected will be used to fund the three ongoing clinical studies - CANTO microbiota, SAFIR 02 and MARCI - and boost research progress for the benefit of patients.

In addition to this campaign, Gustave Roussy will be keeping very busy during Pink October with the solidarity shopping week at the Printemps Nation, a giant zumba, the Paris Odysséa race and information and activities at Gustave Roussy. Go to for the full Pink October schedule.


Natixis, committed against cancer

Natixis has been supporting the Gustave Roussy Foundation since 2011, and more specifically several research teams.
Thanks to the support of Natixis, Gustave Roussy* can bring in new skills and further research for cancer treatment to improve medical care and the patients' quality of life.
Natixis also set up several actions to inform and mobilize employees, such as conferences, awareness-building events, quizzes, etc. A great number of employees support and participate in Natixis' actions to fight cancer.
Because prevention is as important as research, Natixis is partnering Gustave Roussy's Pink October digital campaign.


Breast cancer

Each year, over 50,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in France.
Death rates from breast cancer have been dropping over the last 30 years thanks to medical and scientific innovations. Today, 75 to 80% of breast cancers can be cured. But the treatments can have major side effects with a negative impact on the quality of life of patients over the long term. Patients must learn to live with a different body image.
One of the main challenges therefore is to provide good, even better, treatment with fewer side effects not so hard on the system.


* Leading European cancer center