9th Solidarity Finance Week

The 9th Solidarity Finance Week organized by Finansol will be held this year from November 3 to 10. The goal of the event is to educate the public and economic players on investments with high social and environmental values.

The French are seduced by solidarity finance

Over a million people in France have chosen to invest some of their savings in products that effectively help fight social exclusion, contribute to social cohesion or to sustainable development.

There are three channels for solidarity finance:

  • Bank deposits
  • Employee savings
  • Funds collected by companies involved in social and solidarity economy.

2015 saw record inflows, with an additional 344,000 solidarity investments subscribed, totalling €1.62bn. At December 31, 2015* overall solidarity finance amounted to close to €8.46bn for an increase of 24% over the preceding year.


Solidarity finance: recognized Natixis expertise

  • Natixis Interépargne: Leader in solidarity employee savings in France*
  • Mirova, a subsidiary of Natixis Asset Management: Leading solidarity fund manager in France*


* Finansol 2016 solidarity finance report