Green notes

Natixis Structured Green Notes

Natixis has a Structured Green Notes program dedicated to finance or refinance Green Eligible Projects (re)financed by entities from NATIXIS, which meet rigorous selection criteria developed by Natixis. Eligible Green projects means existing, on-going and/or future projects of conception, construction, operation and/or maintenance of renewable energy production units of energy produced from wind (on-shore and offshore), and/or solar power, and/or hydro projects.

This program obtained a Second Party Opinion by VigeoEiris in which it provided a reasonable level of assurance hereby confirming its robustness, positive contribution to sustainability and alignment with Green Bond Principles.

Under both its EUR 10bn debt issuance program (English law MTN) and its EUR 10bn Programme d’émission d’Obligations (French law notes), Natixis SA and Natixis Structured Issuance (wholly owned subsidiary of Natixis) are both issuers of structured green notes. These notes can be listed and are available under private placement.