Chairman's foreword to the Shareholders' Combined Meeting of May 23, 2018

With our 2018-2020 New Dimension’ strategic plan, let’s anchor the success of Natixis through time.

Dear Natixis shareholder,
I am pleased to invite you to the mixed Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of your Company which will be held on May 23, 2018 at 3.00 pm at the Palais Brongniart − 25 place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris.
This year, the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting will be called to approve twenty-one resolutions.
In terms of governance, these notably include Natixis’ corporate officers’ compensation and benefits for the year 2017, which principles were approved by the May 23, 2017 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, as well as the remuneration policy proposed for the year 2018. The resolutions also include the reappointment of four directors in order to facilitate the staggering of directors’ term of office, in accordance with the AFEP-Medef corporate governance code to which Natixis refers. You will find in this document a detailed presentation of all these elements.
We will also have the opportunity to go back on the year 2017. It has been marked by the unveiling of our new 2018-2020 strategic plan called “New Dimension” (see page X) as well as the successful completion of our "New Frontier” plan, during which we achieved or overachieved the key targets we had set for Natixis.
The continuous improvement in Natixis’ businesses profitability enables our Company to confirm, once again, its shareholder-friendly dividend policy with the proposal of a €0.37 cash dividend per share for the year 2017.
Furthermore, in order to lead by example, Natixis has decided in 2017 to reflect in a single overarching document, the Natixis Code of Conduct, all Natixis rules and guidelines in fields such as professional ethics, clients’ best interest and social responsibility.
All the information relating to this Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is available on the website and I am looking forward to speaking with you with full transparency about these topics on May 23, 2018. I invite you to cast your vote by attending in person, by giving proxy, by voting by post or by using Internet voting.
On behalf of Natixis’ teams, I would like to thank you again for the confidence you put in your Company.
François Pérol
Chairman of the Board of Directors