Natixis reiterates its commitment to the fight against cancer

Natixis has been a committed sponsor of the Gustave Roussy Foundation since 2011 and is launching a campaign right throughout the month of November to raise staff awareness on male cancers and encourage them to act to promote men’s health.

Natixis’ staff support fight against cancer

Natixis is organizing a staff awareness campaign on its corporate social network right throughout the month of November to provide information on male cancers and raise employee awareness of these illnesses, in cooperation with Gustave Roussy. Staff will also be able to post their moustache photos throughout the time to mark their commitment to fighting male cancers.

Natixis, sponsor of Gustave Roussy Foundation

Natixis has been supporting leading European cancer center the Gustave Roussy Foundation since 2011 and is particularly involved in backing several teams working on cancer research. As a result of Natixis’ support, the center is able to welcome new skills and make progress in cancer research as it improves patient treatment and enhances their quality of life.