Prize for the Data Challenge

Prize for the Data challenge Natixis-École Normale Supérieure

Since 2019, Natixis Foundation for Research & Innovation awards the Prize for the Data challenge Natixis-École Normale Supérieure.

This prize is awarded to the best contribution to solving the data challenge, proposed by Natixis to students in masters in Data sciences, that requires the application of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.


2019 Laureate

Natixis Data Challenge 2019 Natixis-École Nationale SupérieureJean-Christophe Corvisier and Mohammed Amine Kheldouni: "Exotic pricing with multidimensional non-linear interpolation"

  • Master MVA (Mathématiques, vision et apprentissage), École Normale Supérieure of Paris-Saclay


Legend: from left to right, Jean Cheval (President of Natixis Fundation); Mohammed Amine Kheldouni (2019 Laureate); Jean-Christophe Corvisier (2019 Laureate); Michel Crouhy (Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Natixis Foundation)