Natixis Payments: creating payment experiences

Subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, Natixis Payments was the first in the market to offer Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and instant payment in France. It relies on robust technological assets as well as its fintechs and expert teams. It builds payment-as-a-service solutions right across the value chain, from issuing to acquiring, with services ranging from e-payment to prepaid cards and processing.

A leading industry operator

  • 23 million cards managed
  • 8 billion transactions per year
  • No. 1 Visa card issuer in continental Europe with Groupe BPCE

A trusted partner

The strictest market standards: nexo, ACPR French banking authority (EMIs, PSPs), GIE CB, Visa, Mastercard, PCI-DSS, EMVCo, SWIFT, GDPR compliance, and more.

Latest generation technology

Cloud and micro-service architecture exposed by our API suite.