Natixis’ active solidarity patronage policy

Natixis supports a range of varied solidarity patronage initiatives in France and internationally, with strong involvement from staff.

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Some examples of our solidarity initiatives

  • Supporting disadvantaged populations by working with associations such as Passeurs d’Arts in France (see inset). On the international arena, Natixis organizes a range of initiatives: in Madrid, it supports a solidarity-based supermarket, which helps disadvantaged families to buy food and personal care products; in London staff distribute meals to the homeless and mentor students from local schools; in Dubaï during Ramadan staff distribute meals to workers at labor camps; in Asia Pacific the company organizes a charity program encouraging staff to support the Pour un sourire d’Enfant association, etc.


Pour un sourire d'enfant Asie 2

©Pour Un sourire d’Enfant

  • Taking part in sporting events to support charity associations, which often finance programs to fight against illness: Natixis and its staff take part in charity runs and walks in France (Course du Cœur, Odyssea, etc.), as well as in Milan, in London, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.
  • Support for the environment: such as beach cleaning in Hong Kong, support for reforestation with the association Planète Urgence (see inset) or in the United States support for the Arbor Day Foundation and Central Park Conservancy.
  • Collections in partnership with various associations in France, in London, in New York and Asia: organized with staff to collect clothes, books, toys, food, etc.
  • Volunteer leave: Since 2013, Natixis has allowed its employees to take humanitarian leave (Congé Solidaire®) to support the non-profit association Planète Urgence (see inset). Staff at our subsidiary Natixis Assurances can also spend a day volunteering in an association each year in a program set up in 2014. Since 2017, London staff have one day per year to spend volunteering either on Natixis organized charity events or work with a charity of their choice.


Music to support social cohesion with Passeurs d’Arts 

Natixis has been a sponsor of the Passeurs d’Arts association since 2016. In France, less than 2% of children have access to musical instrument practice, so Passeurs d’Arts creates children's orchestras predominantly in underprivileged neighborhoods. This program uses music as a way to promote social cohesion and help fight against exclusion, violence and school dropout.

Passeurs d'Art Concert Noël

©Passeurs d'Art 


Planète Urgence

Since 2013, Natixis has been allowing its staff to use their leave to go on solidarity missions (Congé Solidaire®) with charity associations under the sponsorship of Planète Urgence. Natixis funds preparation and transport, as well as logistics expenses for the assignment. Staff can choose from a wide range of assignments, including the protection of biodiversity, educational support for very young children, and adult skills training in various fields (office suites, project management, etc.).

Meanwhile, staff at asset management affiliate Ostrum voted to support Planète Urgence across all its international solidarity initiatives and projects for the next three years. As part of this new partnership, Ostrum made the innovative move of financing a digital communications campaign to support the fight against deforestation, aimed at raising funds to help plant another 50,000 trees, mostly in Madagascar.

4 - Mission d'appui socio éducatif - Madagascar - Laetitia Rondel