Natixis Payments :
Connected, secure and evolving payment solutions

Natixis Payments has been a benchmark in the payment industry for over 30 years. It provides a comprehensive range of domestic, European and international payment management solutions, including white label products and access to clearing systems.

Core provider of payment services

We keep up with new purchasing channels, the proliferation of payment methods, and the constant evolution in regulation, while maintaining the continuous transformation of customer experience at the heart of our solutions.
These solutions are secure and customizable for today’s connected world.

Connected payment for clients’ ever-changing habits

Natixis Payments continuously keeps one step ahead of changes impacting payment methods:

  • All channel format: e-commerce, m-payment, contactless payments and payment terminals…
  • Multi-schemes: Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay, JCB, American Express…
  • Multi-method payment involving cards and SCT/SDD transactions.

Security above all

Security is a vital element in the development of business and customer confidence. Natixis Payments offers an expert system proven to efficiently combat fraud.

A team of analysts permanently ensures state-of-the-art security. They are involved in every step in the fight against fraud: detection of fraudulent schemes, analysis of acquisition risks and real-time adaptation of counter-measures. 

A culture of innovation

Innovation is a cornerstone of our company culture. In order to build the payment solutions of today and tomorrow, we hold idea labs, experiment with creative concepts and methods involving consumers and retailers and co-develop services with our clients.

Natixis Payments boasts 20% market share in France for electronic payments and processed close to 7 billion transactions, making it a major player in the payment field.