Diversity, at the core of our HR policy

With the support of a dedicated diversity and disability management team, and a network of contacts in the business lines, it has established a policy designed to capitalize on the diversity of profiles, experiences and skills in its employee base.As a signatory of the diversity charter since 2009, Natixis is committed to preventing discrimination in every form and at every stage of Human Resources management, including recruitment, training and management of its employees’ careers.


Gender Equality

Natixis further enhanced its gender diversity commitment in 2019 when it signed the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles. We support career advancement for women, for example through development programs such as “Female Career Advancement” and the WINN network (Women in Natixis Network). 

In 2019, our CIB London Branch has signed up to the Women in Finance Charter. The Women in Finance Charter is a commitment by HM Treasury and signatory firms to work together to build a more balanced and equitable industry. The charter commits firms to supporting the progression of women into senior roles in the financial services sector, with each firm setting its own targets and strategy and publicly reporting on progress.

Initiatives for young and senior employees

Natixis signed a new Job and Competency Planning agreement in 2017, which includes commitments to employ young people below the age of 30 through permanent work contracts, work-study programs and internships, and to keep senior employees aged 58 and over in their jobs.

Inclusion for employees with disabilities

Natixis signed a new Handicap agreement in 2017, with ambitious commitments for the employment of staff with disabilities, development of purchases in the adapted and protected work sectors, and awareness and training programs for Natixis employees.

Work-life balance

Wellness and work-life balance (WLB) are essential for sustainable economic performance. This belief underpins the Work & Life at Natixis program launched in 2016 and embodied in an agreement signed in August 2016, in addition to the signature of 15 pledges to promote better work-life balance. 

Natixis supports balance between employees’ work and personal lives by developing teleworkingan initiative that more than 5,000 employees had taken up at end 2018 – in addition to the creation of concierge services.

Paying attention to what employees think

Every two years, all Natixis employees are asked to take part in the “Opinions Survey” in which they are free to express their thoughts to enhance progress and communication in the company. Over 12,000 people responded to the 2018 survey, reflecting an overall staff engagement score of 69%, with 79% of staff having a strong feeling of pride at being part of the company