Natixis Assurances: life and non-life insurance solutions

Natixis Assurances is Natixis’ insurance division for Groupe BPCE’s retail banking network clients

Two major insurance business lines

Natixis Assurances designs and manages a comprehensive array of products and services shared between two principal businesses:

  • Life and casualty insurance: life insurance, investment solutions, wealth planning, pensions, accidental death insurance, disability insurance and borrower insurance
  • Non-life insurance: motor-vehicle insurance, multi-risk home insurance, complementary health insurance, accidental damage, multi-media equipment insurance, legal protection, non-bank insurance, remote surveillance and insurance for professionals

Natixis Assurances also handles insurance segments for Groupe BPCE that are not dealt with by its affiliated insurance companies, e.g. the group's insurance program.

Products and services distributed by Groupe BPCE’s networks

Natixis Assurances designs its range of services to meet the needs of Groupe BPCE clients: individuals, businesses, professionals and associations.

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Our commitment: high quality service and innovation

Natixis Assurances makes quality of service the cornerstone of its operations on behalf of the networks and their clients, and designs products and services that are adapted to new types of content consumption: online insurance subscriptions, digital signatures, distance-selling, real-time management, mobile-phone apps, etc.


Key figures:

  • Over 1,400 employees across 9 different locations
  • 3,5 million clients
  • Annual award-winning expertise singled out by Dossiers de l’Épargne, among others



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