Film Industry Financing

Natixis Coficiné: the audiovisual production specialist

Natixis Coficiné is France’s top player in film and audiovisual financing, through a customized credit offering.

A financier of visual and audio arts

Natixis Coficiné finances:

  • production and distribution of made-for-cinema films, TV series, documentaries, animated series, video games, music, theatre and others;
  • the related technical industries (laboratories, auditoriums, studios, etc.);
  • projection and distribution venues (cinemas, concert halls and theatres, video clubs, etc.);
  • communications, multimedia, TV broadcasting, and other sectors;

An expert team

The Natixis Coficiné team is composed of professionals and technicians in the areas of finance, cinema and audiovisual production.
As sector specialists, they offer their clients a range that fits their needs, including cash flow or structured credit lines, medium-term loans, and others.

Coficiné’s expertise is apparent in the many films that it has financed that have been critical and commercial successes, such as L’Arnacœur and Des Hommes et des Dieux.