Asia-Pacific, a strategic zone for Natixis

Natixis is reinforcing its long-standing presence in Asia-Pacific to step up its development, in accordance with the objectives of its New Deal strategic plan. Its major asset: locally widely-recognized expertise, specifically in its structured finance (project, aircraft, shipping and offshore and acquisition finance, etc.), capital market and asset management businesses.

Corporate and Investment Banking is capitalizing on its assets

Natixis has been carrying on its corporate and investment banking activities in Asia-Pacific for more than 40 years. Its 500 employees are located in some fifteen branches in 12 countries, organized around the Hong Kong regional center.

Natixis CIB is refocusing its most strategic activities in the region by:

  • pursuing the deployment of Capital Markets;
  • maintaining its arranger positions in structured finance;
  • building on its strong expertise in commodities and energy financing.


Asset management in Asia Pacific: a high performance business model

Natixis started its Asia Pacific asset management business in Japan, via its subsidiary Natixis Global Asset Management, eight years ago. The region today represents some $20 billion of AuM, with Japan alone accounting for $15 billion.

As indicated by Fabrice Chemouny, Head of International Strategy and Marketing for NGAI*: "Natixis has implemented a two fold strategy that focuses first on organic growth by leveraging the capabilities of its affiliates and then complementary capabilities through partnerships within the region. This approach allows the firm to make efficient use of limited resources to achieve short-term profitability."


Key Accomplishments in the region:

  • In China, where expansion is greatest, $3 billion of new assets have been raised in less than 3 years, despite a limited number of clients;
  • An office was opened in Taiwan in November 2009. In two years the Taipei office acquired $1.3 billion of AuM thanks to a partnership with Fubon Bank, the second largest Taiwanese bank;
  • In South Korea, three prestigious mandates were won in 2011;
  • and in South-East Asia, AuM in the Singapore branch increased from $150 million to $1 billion in three years.

In 2012, Natixis Global Asset Management will open offices in Hong Kong and Seoul, in South Korea.

Objective: reach $25 billion of distributed assets by 2014.



For the 1st time, in 2011, more than half of NGAI*’s net new assets comes from Asia, i.e. $6 billion.


* Natixis Global Associates International, the distribution subsidiary