2012: Natixis standardizes its service vouchers

In 2012, the service vouchers (Chèque de Table®, CESU Domalin® and Chèque Interservices) will be taking on a new visual identity.

Titres de services - Cheque de table


In addition to illustrations that will be replaced by photos, the logos of the three products were modernized and standardized.


Logo Chèque de table

The Chèque de Table® [meal vouchers] logo gets a new graphic design without losing its distinctive elements.

Logo Chèque InterservicesThe Chèque Interservices [social support vouchers] underlines the values of sharing, mutual aid and generosity.
Logo CESU Domalin

The graphic design of the CESU Domalin® [prepaid universal vouchers] logo was harmonized.



Did you know?

Once again this year, Natixis Intertitres is confirming its commitment to the planet. Since 2009, the vouchers have been printed on 100% recycled paper. CESU Domalin is the first brand of prepaid universal voucher to have this approach in favor of the environment and Chèque de Table® is still the only meal voucher to be printed on 100% recycled paper manufactured in France.