3 young Natixis V.I.E.s* rewarded in Hong Kong

Natixis V.I.E.s were honored at the 1st Grand Prix V.I.E. which was held in Hong Kong from May to November 2011.

* Volontaire International en Entreprise [International Intern]


 A Grand Prix to promote the V.I.E status

The Grand Prix V.I.E., organized jointly by Ubifrance* in Hong Kong and the Foreign Trade Advisors for France (CCE) in Hong Kong, has a twofold objective:

  • reward the most deserving V.I.E.s and, furthermore, promote the status of a V.I.E. international intern in the business community;
  • establish V.I.E. international internship as a key factor for the development of business relationships between France and Hong Kong.

 * Supervisory authority for V.I.E.s.

The Jury, which was made up of the members of the Hong Kong section of CCEs, had to select the participants in accordance with the following criteria:

  • performance within their organization,
  • level of initiative and of motivation,
  • appraisal of the tutor,
  • overall interest of the application.


Natixis has 3 finalists among its V.I.E.s

For the first edition of this event, ten winners were rewarded from among the 51 applications received, of which three V.I.E.s from Natixis.

Elsa Ruhlmann, Natixis Hong Kong Branch, Project Finance Analyst received the Prix Grand Groupe, the highest award. She said: “I believe that what they found attractive in my application are my involvement and my enthusiasm for my job. I work in project finance, which is a specific business line, although most people tend to believe that all business lines in a bank are more or less the same.

As for Allister-Ann Flandrin, Natixis Hong Kong Branch, Assistant Sales Equity Derivative, she was awarded the Special Prize of the Jury. She declared: “My objective was to fight against the clichés that may exist concerning the profiles which can be found in banking”.

Last, Léopoldine Hermenault, Natixis Hong Kong Branch, Structured Export Finance Analyst, was the 3rd finalist among the V.I.E.s from Natixis.

Hervé Housse, CEO of the Asia platform, underlined the strong contribution of V.I.E.s to the Asia platform: “These good rankings reward their motivation, their personal and professional commitment and their will to contribute to the performance of their respective business lines. Natixis offers these young people a real international professional experience and an easy access to real responsibilities.


Natixis, 3rd employer of V.I.E.s in Hong Kong

Natixis CIB has been in Asia-Pacific for more than 40 years and has to date 535 employees, of whom 30 V.I.E.s in its three main locations, i.e. Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. For Natixis, the objective of which is to pursue its development in Asia, V.I.E.s are a real pool of skills on which the company can rely.


The V.I.E., an essential link in the international development support program of companies

Since its creation in 2001, the program has allowed over 30,000 international interns to make a first professional experience in 6,500 French companies abroad. Today, there are close to 7,000 V.I.E.s, who are employed by over 1,700 companies in 137 countries.

In Hong Kong, the program allows the training of more than 230 young men and women every year, on behalf of 60 companies operating in the sectors of finance, building, luxury, trade and services.

Hong Kong, which is among the most active markets in the world, has a long tradition of recruiting and integrating V.I.E.s and is the second-best destination of companies in Asia behind Shanghai.