Sustainable Development Week: Natixis is in!

For the 8th consecutive year, Natixis responded to the call for projects launched by the French Ministry of Sustainable Development and is organizing various events to convey the national campaign’s message to its 22,000 employees.

In 2012, the Sustainable Development Week is focused on information to citizens: how to optimize your housing, to reduce waste, to adopt alternative methods of traveling, to make responsible purchasing, to protect plant and animal species…

To inform to better act

Natixis set up two awareness actions whose goal is to show its employees how their actions can have an impact on the environment:

  • Distribution of a leaflet encouraging green gestures at work: decrease in paper, water or electricity consumption, waste sorting, responsible traveling and purchasing.
  • Menus on sustainable development in the company’s cafeterias, displaying the environmental and/or corporate social features of the menus (season’s, organic, local products, products from responsible fishing, fair trade...) to show how we also have a role to play in our consumption.

Events dedicated to CSR challenges

Training sessions and various conferences are organized during the Sustainable Development Week to raise employees’ awareness of three major topics:

  • Training on "A bank committed to corporate social responsibility: why and how?" that presents how sustainable development is applied in Natixis’ and in its corporate and investment banking businesses’ operation.
  • A conference dedicated to the financing of renewable energies with testimonies of Natixis experts in project finance and leasing
  • A conference dedicated to biodiversity on: “Can we speak of plant intelligence?”
2011 highlights

Natixis arranged the financing of 80 wind farms off the German coast, with 1,300 GWh capacity (i.e. the equivalent of the annual consumption of a city with 200,000 inhabitants). Named Global Tech 1, this project is remarkable because of the distance between the wind farms and the coast (96 km) and the deep foundations (between 30 and 50 meters depending on the location). It will help reduce carbon emissions by 730,000 tons/year.

Natixis Energéco arranged the financing of a biomass cogeneration plant, with 16 MWc (Megawatt-peak), in Nesle-Mesnil Saint- Nicaise, in the Somme department (France). The plant will produce 131,200 MWh per year and will provide 55 tons/h steam to two plants: Ajinomoto Foods Europe, a glutamate producer and Syral-Tereos, a starch producer. The € 59 million financing was provided by Natixis Energéco (lead-manager), along with several banks among which Caisse d’Epargne de Picardie.