50 public institutional groups meet at Natixis

Responding to an invitation from Natixis, around fifty public institutional bodies that included a number of leading central banks and sovereign wealth funds attended our annual seminar dedicated to public financial institutions from 5 to 8 June.

In light of the current backdrop, the seminar’s scope was to address these clients’ specific challenges.

The programme’s agenda included:

  • presentations by Natixis experts on the organisation and role of European institutions, the accuracy of economic indicators and other related topics,
  • debates by renowned experts on the future of European institutions, analysis of regulatory frameworks, etc.,
  • a wide range of training sessions on portfolio management that allowed participants to choose their preferred session to fit their requirements,
  • workshops on an extensive range of topics that spanned credit allocation viewed against the current sovereign debt backdrop, common European government bonds and covered bonds.


The event provided Natixis with the opportunity of assisting our public financial institution and sovereign wealth fund clients, in addition to advising them and offering investors and borrowers mix-and-matchable products and services.