Natixis Global Asset Management launches Durable Portfolio Construction program

Natixis Global Asset Management launched its new Durable Portfolio Construction platform to help individual investors, financial advisors and institutional investors worldwide address growing concerns about risk and market volatility in global markets.

Addressing risk and market volatility

The Natixis Global Asset Management Durable Portfolio Construction platform focuses on portfolio construction and analytics to help investors better manage volatility and enhance the diversification of their portfolios.

As a result of the recent crisis, today we are living in a new environment where investors and advisors are looking to us to help them address volatility and offer risk management solutions,” said Pierre Servant, Chief Executive Officer of Natixis Global Asset Management.

We want to capitalize on our consultative, multi-boutique structure to help clients in building durable portfolios.

The firm’s Durable Portfolio ConstructionSM platform is based on the recognition that investors wish to combine a desire for returns with a renewed emphasis on seeking protection of their assets, which rests on the ability to generate sufficient returns at appropriate levels of risk in all market conditions.

A three-fold investment process

Durable Portfolio ConstructionSM aims to produce all-weather portfolios by always placing the following three ideas into the investment process:

  • Put risk first by making risk the primary consideration for asset allocation. Budgeting for portfolio risk becomes paramount.
  • Manage volatility by creating a portfolio that minimizes the impact of extreme market movements.
  • Enhance diversification by adding exposure to alternative investments and making smarter use of traditional asset classes by including techniques like hedging and long/short strategies.