Natixis strengthens its leading position in Socially Responsible Investment

A key player in ISR management for a number of years, both in France and the rest of Europe, Natixis decided to pool all the management activities that take environmental, social and corporate governance into account into the Mirova investment division.

Natixis, a key player in SRI management(1)

A pioneer in responsible investment for over 25 years, Natixis is one of the leaders in SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) management in France and in the rest of Europe. With €7.8 billion of assets under management(2), it developed quality expertise covering all asset classes and the main SRI approaches: ESG criteria, themed funds and solidarity-based funds.

Creation of the Mirova investment division, which brings together all Natixis Asset Management’s know-how in responsible investment.

To offer investors solutions that create value over the long term while integrating sustainable development issues, Natixis Asset Management has created an investment division dedicated to responsible investment: Mirova.

Logo Mirova

Mirova has a staff of some forty multi-disciplinary experts, themed investment management specialists, engineers, financial and ESG analysts, experts in socially-conscious finance and project financing, with an average of 19 years experience.

By pooling their areas of expertise and know-how, the teams will develop a more global approach to responsible investment with a single offering underpinned by four pillars: 

  • listed equity management: investing in companies that provide innovative solutions in eight major sustainable development issues;

  • infrastructure financing: financing of responsible projects with a high return potential;

  • impact investing: investing in projects and non-listed companies with a strong social and environmental impact;

  • voting and engagement advisory services: supporting investors and managers in the exercise of voting rights.

In addition to this area of expertise, Natixis develops front-rank positions in solidarity investment management: Natixis Interépargne, N°1 in employee savings in France, is the largest specialist in solidarity-based employee savings in France(3). As for AEW Europe, a subsidiary of Natixis Global Asset Management and one of the leading European real estate asset and investment managers, is innovating by integrating the environmental profile of buildings in its acquisition and management processes.

Natixis Asset Management and Amadeis, in collaboration with Les Echos magazine, handed out the Prix de l’Investisseur Responsible award.

Natixis continues to raise awareness of integrating ESG criteria in financial management among the general public, institutions and professionals. On November 21, 2012, it attended the symposium on Green Growth organized by Groupe BPCE on the theme of energy efficiency. The symposium was the opportunity for Natixis Asset Management and Amadeis to hand out, in collaboration with Les Echos magazine, the Prix de l’Investisseur Responsable award. Groupe Humanis is the winner of this 5th edition of the Prix de l’Investisseur Responsable award.

(1) Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) consists in investing in companies that combine value creation and sustainable development. With this type of fund, financial criteria are no longer the only criteria that are taken into account to select companies. SRI allows investors to play a more responsible and active role in the economy, while continuing to seek financial performance.
(2) Source: Natixis Asset Management as at 30 June 2012, in open-ended funds, dedicated funds and employee savings.
(3) Source : Association Française de la Gestion Financière as at December 31, 2011.