Digital revolution

Transforming by leveraging the digital revolution

The digital revolution is often compared to the industrial revolution for the extent of its impact on clients’ day-to-day lives and expectations. Besides, new players are entering parts of value chains such as credit or payments, for example, under the impetus of regulatory changes designed to facilitate access to these markets.

The digital transformation is of strategic, commercial and operational importance and provides an outstanding opportunity to reinvent and deepen our relations with clients. Groupe BPCE has set itself the objective of building a bank that leads the way in human and digital relations by end-2017. Natixis is an integral part of this objective and is currently working in three prime areas with this end in mind:

  • “useful” innovation geared to offering clients a simple experience consistent with the highest market standards;
  • “disruptive” innovation aimed at designing tomorrow’s business models with support from innovative partnerships in the digital ecosystem, like Web School Factory and Cap Digital;
  • “digital adventure”, an approach that seeks to ingrain digital reflexes into the way we work and operate, and to develop the digital skills and experience of our staff including at the highest level.

“ Digital technology is changing the way in which our clients behave, both fast and extensively. We need to take a fresh look at our beliefs in the area, reinvent our sales experiences and redesign our solutions and organization so as to further accelerate the Group’s transformation in 2016.” - François Pérol, Chairman of the Groupe BPCE Management Board and Chairman of Natixis’ Board of Directors


Find hereunder all the client cases associated to this theme.
Abstract from Target 2016, Natixis corporate document 


My OL Cashless

Developing the digital experience for spectactors

Lyon’s Grand Stade, opened in January 2016, is a fullyconnected stadium ranking among the most innovative in Europe. It has been built to host sports fixtures, concerts and shows attended by close to 4 million people each year. In order to simplify purchases for soccer fans in the 60,000-seat stadium and reduce cash-handling, host-club Olympique Lyonnais is offering the My OL-Cashless card, a new contactless payment medium developed by Natixis Payment Solutions in co-ordination with Caisse d’Epargne Rhône Alpes. The card allows for mobile recharging, by hostesses equipped with a card reader (dongle) connected to a smartphone or a tablet.

Abstract from Target 2016, Natixis corporate document  


Simplifying access to online trading

E-Maps is a real-time pricing tool showing prices on some 20 financial products and over 350 international equity and index underlyings. Reflecting Natixis’ latest innovations on equity derivatives markets and accessible from Natixis’ Equity Markets site, this intuitive platform displays real-time prices in just a few clicks. It also offers a range of investment ideas in relation to current financial market news and allows clients to compare the performance of the different products presented.

Abstract from Target 2016, Natixis corporate document  


Simplifying day-to-day life for savers

Tempoz is a unique innovation on the employee savings market that allows savers to avoid waiting online when they want to speak to a customer advisor. The customer requests a Tempoz number by cell phone, hangs up and then receives a text message notifying him of a dedicated single-use number enabling him to speak to a phone advisor without delay. In addition to an interactive virtual assistant and an online chat facility, this free service is geared to diversifying the options available for customers to contact Natixis Interépargne.

Abstract from Target 2016, Natixis corporate document  

Health for Life Capital™

Supporting innovation in the health and nutrition fields

Seventure Partners, a leading European venture capital company investing in innovative technologies and a subsidiary of Natixis Global AM, successfully completed the final closing for the Health for Life Capital™ innovation fund in December 2015, increasing the total amount of funds available to €160m. As the first European investment vehicle essentially devoted to the microbiome, Health for Life Capital™ has been funding the development of innovative European and North-American firms active in the biotech, nutrition, medtech and connected health fields since its inception in 2013. The fund’s management strategy attracted both financial investors and strategic trade investors like Danone and Novartis.

Abstract from Target 2016, Natixis corporate document  


Retaining control over fraud

MyContrôles is a digital service created by Natixis for securing payments and international money transfers. The innovative solution helps corporate clients protect themselves against increasinglycommon attempts at social engineering fraud, such as CEO scams and frauds involving false supplier details. MyContrôles detects suspect payment orders, blocks them in real-time and alerts the client by e-mail. The client can then decide to authorize or reject transactions by logging on to Natixis’ online portal.

Abstract from Target 2016, Natixis corporate document 

Digital card security code

© Oberthur Technologies

Making online payments more secure

Transaction security is one of the main concerns of customers paying for goods and services online. The Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne banks, in partnership with BPCE, Natixis Payment Solutions and Oberthur Technologies, are the first banks in the world to have tested a payment card incorporating a dynamic visual card security code for their clients. This technology, based on the automatic modification of the cardholder’s security code at random intervals, offers an optimal and highly innovative solution for fighting fraud. It does not change the client’s usual purchasing experience or require the e-merchant to make any alterations to his online payment system.

Abstract from Target 2016, Natixis corporate document

Progress Game

Improving training for client advisors so as to respond better to client needs

Natixis Assurances has created an innovative digital training tool – Progress Game – for use in the insurance industry. The tool is designed to simulate “real” life-insurance advisory and sales situations for client advisors in order to help them respond better to client needs. Progress Game is a fully-interactive latest generation web 2.0 tool based on artificial intelligence techniques capable of simulating tens of thousands of interview trajectories and of understanding clients’ impressions following exchanges with client advisors.

Abstract from 
Target 2016, Natixis corporate document


Simplifying and dynamizing the mobile sales process

The EasySell tablet application was designed by Natixis Factor as a dynamic, interactive sales tool for presenting the company’s factoring solutions – pre-due date invoice financing, invoice tracking and reminders, and credit insurance amongst others to business owners and managers.

The application can be used to prepare several simulations so as to offer the solution best suited to the client’s needs during the sales interview. EasySell’s functionalities will shortly be rounded out with an instantaneous picture of the solvency of the company’s client portfolio with a view to identifying the amount of credit insurance that can be granted. In short, a more modern, instructive and effective sales process.


Abstract from Target 2016, Natixis corporate document