Natixis Factor, factoring solutions to optimize and secure corporate treasury

You are looking for long-term, flexible solutions to finance, manage and secure your receivables? From sole proprietors to large corporations, Natixis supports the growth of companies in France and abroad.

Factoring, an alternative financing option

Optimizing and securing cash flows is a major strategic issue. Factoring is a solution adopted by an increasing number of companies and supported by public authorities.

Natixis Factor provides a short-term financing solution for all companies. From craftsman to large corporations, Natixis Factor creates tailored and scalable products and services and enters into long-term partnerships with its clients.

From creation to transmission, Natixis Factor supports companies through all stages of their development in France and abroad.

Natixis Factor offers its clients flexible and effective solutions in order to:

  • monitor their portfolio of commercial partners (prospects, clients, suppliers) and collect their receivables;
  • protect them against the risk of unpaid invoices;
  • help them obtain immediate financing from their invoices, simplify their management operations and optimize the operating cycle.


Serving the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne networks and Natixis

For close to 30 years, Natixis Factor has acquired proven experience in the financing and management of receivables. It serves retail banking clients of Groupe BPCE (Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne), the second-largest banking player in France, under the brands Banque Populaire Factorem and Caisse d’Epargne FACTUREA. It also offers receivable management services to Natixis and brokers, via GLOBAL.


Case in practice: continue to expand in France and internationally

Client need
A major auto parts supplier wanted to optimize its working capital requirements to regain profitability and expand internationally.

Natixis solution
Natixis set up a full factoring solution* designed to improve the company’s client receivables. After moving back into profit, the company benefited from a “multi-domestic” factoring solution that gave its European subsidiaries access to financing solutions for their international transactions, based on a single contract and pricing structure.

Client benefit
The client continued to expand by concentrating on its core business, while also enabling its subsidiaries to capitalize on a simple and standardized factoring solution.

* Factoring solution comprising the full set of client receivables services (financing, guarantee, recovery)


A new look on factoring!

Popular misconceptions prevents people from using factoring, Natixis Factor, a factoring expert for close to 30 years, designed a web series of five videos to help get a new look on factoring.

Watch the videos at or on Natixis Factor’s YouTube channel.


Natixis Factor key figures

No. 4 leading factor in France with a 15.3% market share (domestic and international) (vs. 14.3% in the preceding year) and €28.5 billion of factored receivables.

+ 2,000 new contracts in 2012

+ 7,000 factoring clients

X2: Natixis Factor grows twice as fast as the French market

No. 3 factor on the domestic market with a 16.1% market share

+ 41.6% on the number of receivables handled on the international level

93.1% of satisfied clients (Independent Convers Institute 2012 survey)