Natixis is committed to cancer research

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Since 2011, Natixis has supported the Gustave Roussy Foundation with its cancer research. After supporting three research teams working on personalized cancer treatments, Natixis once again pledged its support in 2016 for 3 years, by offering financial support to three new research teams for their work in precision medicine and fundamental research.

Natixis supports the Gustave Roussy Foundation

The financial support given by Natixis to the Gustave Roussy Center, France’s leading cancer research center, helps researchers acquire new skills and advance their research into personalized cancer protocols.
Standard treatments are not effective with all patients, which can result in a therapeutic stalemate. Personalized cancer medicine provides real hope to these people. More specifically, this approach takes into account the patient’s individual characteristics and the tumour’s genomic data so that the treatment can be adapted to the patient.

Our actions over the past 3 years – 2016-2018

Since 2016 Natixis has supported three new research teams at the Gustave Roussy Cancer Research Center. The first team is working on a therapeutic trial while the other two are working on fundamental research in two promising oncology fields: immunology and DNA repair. 
Eric Solary, Director of Research at Gustave Roussy, and doctors Luc Friboulet, Sébastien Apcher and Gérard Mazon talk about the work they have performed over the past three years together with their research teams.

View the video on the results of their work


The three Natixis research teams – 2016-2018

• Team led by Professors Jean-Charles Soria and Fabrice André: MATCH-R trial to understand resistance to new treatments
The aim is to understand how cancerous cells adapt to targeted therapies and immunotherapies by developing resistance mechanisms. 

• Team led by Sébastien Apcher on tumour immunology and immunotherapy against cancer
Immunotherapy focuses on the body’s immune system to strengthen and stimulate the patient’s defences against cancer cells. Antibodies now can halt the spread of extremely aggressive tumours for which there were previously only a limited number of therapeutic solutions. 
Further out, the work of Sébastien Apcher’s team may help lead to a therapeutic vaccine to help the immune system recognize and destroy tumour cells.

• Team led by Gérard Mazon on the repair mechanisms of DNA double-strands breaks
The team’s research seeks to uncover how and why problems occur in the DNA repair process and their possible role in causing cancer. 
Looking forward, the identification of mutations in the DNA repair pathways that can lead to cancer may be used as a target for synthetic lethality strategies. This would also benefit the population of predictive tests to screen cancers long before they mutate into more aggressive types of tumours.

Our actions over the past 5 years – 2011-2015

Well aware of the great cost involved in advancing cancer research, Natixis decided at the end of 2011 to support the Gustave Roussy Foundation. Natixis helps three research teams carry out their research work. The partnership is part of the research program into personalized medicine called “Revolution Cancer”.

Fanny Jaulin, Jean-Luc Perfettini and Medhi Khaled, who head up the three teams that Natixis supports, talk about the work they have performed over the past few years.

View the video on the results of their work


The three Natixis research teams – 2011-2015

• Team researching cell death and senescence headed by Jean-Luc Perfettini
Work on a new form of cell death called entosis, which is the destruction of a cancer cell by another live cell.
Expected results: an improvement in radiotherapy treatments

• Team researching epithelial morphogenesis and colon cancer headed by Fanny Faulin
Work on the development and proliferation mechanisms of colon cancer metastasis.
Expected results: prevent the spread of the disease to other organs

• Team researching melanoma and tumor invasion headed by Mehdi Khaled 
Work on decoding melanoma metastasis.
Expected results: an improvement in existing therapies and the discovery of effective treatments for this type of cancer

Natixis’ commitment is shared by its employees 

Natixis’ commitment is also shared by its employees who for many years have taken part in the Odysséa charity race.
The race entry fees are donated to the Gustave Roussy Center to advance breast cancer research.
Natixis also organizes a range of actions for employees such as conferences, quizzes and events that attract a great turnout.


The Gustave Roussy Foundation was created in 2005 to fund cancer research conducted at the Gustave Roussy Cancer Center. Its overriding mission is to improve the quality of care and the life of patients treated there.

For over 90 years, the Gustave Roussy Center, France’s leading cancer research center, has been on the cutting edge of international innovation in the fight against cancer. Its research, treatment and training focus on patients fighting cancer. The Gustave Roussy Center treats cancer sufferers of all ages and at every stage of the illness.