Natixis committed to cancer prevention

Natixis has been sponsoring research undertaken by the Gustave Roussy Institute since 2012. It is also involved in the prevention of cancer and is sponsoring a short film entitled, ‘LA LIONNE OU L’AUTRUCHE’. Moreover, Natixis’ employees are actively involved in the fight against cancer.

Natixis sponsors Gustave Roussy Institute

Natixis is financing the Gustave Roussy's research program dedicated to the personalized treatment of cancer.
As part of a sponsorship program initiated in 2012, Natixis is supporting three of the Institute's research teams. Their work focuses on the following cancer proliferation mechanisms:
- 'Cell death and senescence*' led by Jean-Luc Perfettini,
- 'Epithelial morphogenesis and colon cancer' led by Fanny Jaulin,
- 'Melanoma and tumor invasion' led by Mehdi Khaled.

Thanks to the partnership between Natixis and Gustave Roussy, it will be possible to accelerate cancer research and in all likelihood advance the definition of new treatments by several years.

* The process of physiological aging (in this specific case, cell aging)

Gustave Roussy is Europe's leading cancer prevention center and ranks among the world's top ten in personalized medicine.
The Institute's specificity is based on therapeutic innovation, the development of personalized medicine and the quality and safety of treatments, the patient always being at the center of its research.


Natixis is sponsoring 'LA LIONNE OU L'AUTRUCHE*, a film made in aid of breast cancer prevention


Prevention is as important as research in the fight against cancer.
That is why Natixis decided to back Isabelle Sebagh's one-reeler, 'LA LIONNE OU L'AUTRUCHE'.
The aim of this breast cancer prevention film is to encourage women not to be afraid of what they may discover and to emphasize that prevention saves lives.
Gustave Roussy is also backing the film, notably with the active participation of Dr. Mahasti Saghatchian, a medical oncologist and breast cancer research specialist at Gustave Roussy Institute. She plays her own role in the film. 

Watch the film on Youtube channel


"We are lionesses at work and ostriches in our private lives. Some of us who appear to be ostriches are actually lionesses.
My approach to this difficult situation is to urge women to go for prevention!"
Isabelle Sebagh

* The Lioness and the Ostrich

Natixis staff committed to the prevention of cancer

Natixis' commitment is also shared by its employees, who for several years have been taking part in the Odysséa race (link to Odysséa news). The fees to enter the race are passed on to Gustave Roussy to help fund breast cancer research.
Of the companies taking part in the 2014 Odysséa, Natixis had the second-highest number of employees entered in the race.

Natixis has also taken a number of initiatives enabling employees to obtain information and take part in events, e.g. conferences, awareness-raising initiatives, quizzes, etc. Many of them participate in and support Natixis' actions to prevent cancer.