Natixis makes a splash in Hong Kong

On Saturday, November 15, Racing Metro 92 took on the Rugby Section of the Hong Kong Football Club at the Natixis Rugby Cup. Relive the match on Youtube.

A first-of-a-kind exhibition match

The Racing Metro 92 have won (78-12) the second edition of the Natixis Rugby Cup, in which two Natixis-sponsored teams were competing against each other.

The Racing Metro 92 players enchanted the more than 2 ,000 spectators - including 250 Natixis’ clients - with their handling and the number of tries scored. The Hong Kong Football Club’ selection, in which a few international players were missing, earned the respect of its competitors by its commitment and its two tries.


Relive the match on Youtube :   


This exhibition match enabled the Racing Metro team to continue its training in this Top-14 break period and to develop team cohesion.