Aisne (Hauts de France)
Thierry Bunel: profile and interview (french only)

Thierry Bunel resides in the Aisne department and is a former accounting officer. He has been a prison visitor for six years now (Penitentiary Centre of Laon).

Thierry Bunel has been managing a portfolio of securities for nearly 40 years and runs an investment club he has created.

He became a shareholder of Natixis in 2006.


Department of Alpes-Maritimes (Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur)
Michel Coudert: profile and interview (french only)

Michel Coudert retired from the Caisse d’Epargne network where he held during 27 years several positions including Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Besides working in the banking sector, he also was a teacher and a manager of a real estate company.
Michel Coudert then worked as a real property manager and company consultant. He has been a shareholder of Natixis since 2006.
Michel Coudert played rugby on a national level during 15 years and he created a veterans’ Club.


Department of Bouches-du-Rhône (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur)
Marc Abruzzo: profile and interview (french only)

Marc Abruzzo has always showed an acute interest for financial markets. He previously worked as a consultant for financial newspapers, and also initiated the launch of an investment club and co-operated for five years in the works of a Private Shareholder European Advisory Committee.
Marc Abruzzo has been directly managing his portfolio for over 25 years and this has become his professional activity. He has been a shareholder of Natixis since 2014.


Department of Haute Garonne (Midi-Pyrénées)
Jean-Pierre Mary: profile and interview (french only)

Jean-Pierre Mary has been working at Caisse d’Epargne de Midi-Pyrénées for 25 years in Loan production for SMBs as project leader. He applied to the Committee at an information meeting on Natixis in Toulouse.

Mary is an active shareholder who monitors his portfolio very closely. He has been a Natixis shareholder since November 2008.



Hauts de Seine (Île-de-France)
Véronique Jan: profile and interview (french only)

Véronique Jan lives in the Paris region. After a career in banking, she followed her husband abroad.

With a Bachelor's degree in Human and Social Sciences, Véronique Jan has trained since her return to France in Neurolinguistic Programming (PNL) and Enneagram. She is a member of a Parents' Association and a member of an administrative support structure for users. She is also a member of the France Alzheimer Association.

In each involvement, its objective is to work on communication media and particularly on extension in order to develop and/or perpetuate the privileged link with the recipient of the information. She became a shareholder of Natixis in 2006.

Hauts de Seine (Île-de-France)
Isabelle Tessereau: profile and interview (french only)

Isabelle Tessereau has sound experience in corporate communications (institutional and financial communications, press relations, France and International’s employee shareholding).
After a position as Head of Natixis Interepargne Communications Department (Natixis social engineering subsidiary), she became in 2016 Head of Communication.
Isabelle Tessereau has been a shareholder of Natixis since 2013.


Hauts de Seine (Île-de-France)
Fabrice Youta: profile and interview (french only)

Mr. Youta resides in Clichy near Paris. He holds a Master’s in Bancassurance and an MBA in Internal Control and Risk Management from the ESG business school in Paris.

He carried out several Control, Risk Management and Compliance assignments at Groupama, Société Financière de Paiements and the Cancer League. As part of his studies in Banking and Insurance, he focused on Natixis and he became a shareholder of the company in 2015.


Department of Haute-Vienne (Limousin)
Françoise de Saint-Sernin: profile and interview (french only)

Madame de Saint-Sernin is a homemaker. She followed her husband abroad during his career, particularly in Singapore and in Venezuela.

She has been actively involved in investors’ clubs for over 30 years and has been a member of numerous advisory committees. Since 2003, Madame de Saint-Sernin is a member of ANSA (National Association of Joint Stock Companies) in the Committee "Issuers Individual Shareholders".


Department of Moselle (Lorraine)
Roland Dumas: profile and interview (french only)

Roland Dumas is a retired anesthesiologist. He continues to practice one week per month.

He has been working as a physician in Africa for 15 years, for instance in Burkina Faso, where he created his own humanitarian organization with friends. Roland Dumas is Chairman of a local Société Locale d’Epargne (Moselle Est). He has been a member of the Supervisory and Steering Committee of Caisse d’Epargne Lorraine Champagne Ardennes since 2008 and a shareholder of Natixis since November 2006.


Nord (Nord Pas de Calais)
Jean-Pierre Castier: profile and interview (french only)

Jean-Pierre Castier resides in Dunkirk where he works part-time in communications, including events, and in public relations. After financial experience in a securities house, Jean-Pierre Castier continues his career as a tax specialist for the European Commission and for a tax consulting firm.

As part of his professional activity, he leads training sessions in business law, accounting, statistics and inventory management as part of vocational, school or university education. A Reserve Commander, Jean-Pierre Castier was also a guide and a lecturer on the steel and nuclear industries on the Dunkirk coast. He became a shareholder of Natixis at the time of the IPO of the company in 2006.


Var (Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur)
Laurent Denis: profile and interview (french only)

Laurent Denis has been a self-employed restaurant owner since 1992. He used to be Vice-President at the Board Meeting and is now Treasurer of the Social Security Scheme of Self-employed Workers (RSI).
At the same time, Laurent Denis is Vice-President of the Approved Management Centre of Est-Var in Fréjus Saint- Raphaël. In 2014, he created a Self-Employed Association and their Social Security Scheme (DIPS).
Laurent Denis has been a shareholder of Natixis since 2006.


Vendée (Pays de la Loire)
Jean-François Bordron: profile and interview (french only)

Jean-François Bordron spent most of his professional career in the road freight transport, mostly with a big French company of the sector.
He directly manages his stock portfolio and has been a shareholder of Natixis since 2006.