Our Brand

We are a unique company, thanks to our identity and our history. Our brand is a reflection of this.


Creation of our brand

Our brand was created in 2006 when IXIS and Natexis Banques Populaires merged.

 Then, in 2009, we changed our logo. By choosing the color purple, we show we belong to Groupe BPCE.



Our corporate culture

In 2015, we embarked on an internal collaborative, hands-on journey to identify our distinctive features and define our personality: the “Purple Touch”.

This exercise helped us pinpoint the component parts of our culture and highlighted the features making up our identity: Natixis is a “unique company”.

Our brand is a reflection of our personality and embodies our distinctive features. They act as strong differentiators and reflect our promise: “We are committed to our clients’ success. We work to promote their achievements with a relentless focus on their needs.”


Our strengths




Our personality

Taking our brand to another level

As we roll the Purple Touch, we introduce our new brand territory in 2017. The purpose is to represent our distinctive features through a brand signature... 


 ...as well as new graphic elements:


Our signature

It’s short, impactful, easy to remember and suited to all our business lines.


BEYOND BANKING means that our business goes much further than traditional banking. We are not just bankers, we are also asset managers, insurers and payment solution providers. We have extended our expertise to other areas, too, such as our advisory business at Corporate & Investment Banking.

BEYOND BANKING means that we strive to excel and go that extra mile for our clients. Our employees are determined to give their all to create the best products and services possible. Outside the company, they also are committed to doing their part for society at large. The Course du Cœur running raceis an outstanding example of this commitment.

BEYOND BANKING means that we know how to combine our talents and skills to serve a common goal. Talent cannot be expressed just individually. We combine our talents and skills to serve a common goal.

BEYOND BANKING means that we are entrepreneurs; with our “can do” mindset, we develop new franchises and conquer new territories. An example of this is our multi-affiliate model in asset management, also implemented in M&A and payments activities.


Our Sound Identity

In 2018, Natixis is going to have a new sound identity.

It translates what we provide and who we are into music. It expresses all the distinctive features of the Purple: expertise, strength, trust, dynamism, determination and a fighting spirit. It provides a new emotional dimension to our communications and embodies the promise of Natixis’ success and excellence.