Natixis supports Passeurs d’arts

As part of its sponsorship of Orchestre de Paris and Académie de l’Opéra national de Paris, Natixis supports Passeurs d’Arts, an organization that promotes musical learning.



Social cohesion via music

In France, less than 3% of the young have access to musical education. To remedy this situation, the organization Passeurs d'Arts has created orchestras for the young who do not have the possibility to learn music. Absolutely free, based on an intense collective learning process, the Passeurs d'Arts orchestras use music as a tool for social cohesion. In addition to the musical aspect, the orchestras help combat exclusion, violence and school failure.

Promoting access to culture for all

Natixis has decided to sponsor Passeurs d’arts and supports orchestras in disadvantaged sectors where music is a tool for learning, socializing and fulfillment.
Via this particular project, anchored in the local community, Natixis provides access to culture for all, promotes the emergence of new talents and social solidarity.